Vol. 9 No.5                                                                                                                                       May 2011
Kalamazoo Antique Bottle Club News
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Bottle Show Report, Pizza Night!

Bottle Show!

    I want to start out by saying that it has been proven time and time again that anyone but me should be doing the newsletter! My memory is bad and I have no friends! Just kidding! I have lots of good friends in this crazy club! Are you too old, or too young, to remember the TV show Romper Room? Where is my Magic Mirror?

    Oh here it is! "Romper, bomper, stomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do. Magic Mirror, tell me today, I need to know, did all my friends have fun at the bottle show?"

    A look into the Magic Mirror to see who was at the last meeting and I see little Chucky Parker, and Dee Cole, Scotty Hendrichsen, Mary Hamilton, Kevin Seigfried, Eddie Nickerson, Billy Drake and that cute little Allan Holden!

    Also, we had two guests. Did you know that we have averaged at least one guest each month for the last few months? They must figure one time is enough, because it is the last you ever hear of them! Lately, I have been meeting people on the elevator on the way to the bottle club meeting. This month it was a very talkative 95 year old gentleman who wanted to check out the club.

    Just like the fellow a month earlier, he wanted to know what I had in my case. Don't you think it would be a little unnerving to have a perfect stranger ask you what is in the case you are carrying? I was kind of shocked both times. Just for fun I think I will tell the next person, that I have a quarter million dollars in small unmarked bills! When I told this man that I was on the way to the bottle club meeting, he asked me if he could come along, and I told him "NO!" I guess my laugh gave me away!

    At the meeting he told us a couple stories and a couple old jokes Chuck has already helped us memorize, then said, "Good-bye!" I didn't get his name, but we did hear something that sounded like, "Hi-Ho Silver, Away!" Perhaps it was a comment on the precious metals market?

    I have to tell you that leading up to the show I was a little uneasy, to say the least. When John was unable to make it to the March meeting . . .well, that was worrisome. Then, when we learned that Chuck didn't have the different sign up sheets, that really got me worried. Then, to top it off, we learned that Dan Louis was not going to be available to pick up the meat and cheese, as well as drinks. . . wow! I was concerned! It seems like every time the club has something going on, Bronson Hospital has my wife scheduled to work. But thankfully this was her Friday night off . . that took a load off!

    I talked to Chuck early on and it sounded like he was going to try to pick up all the slack himself! A few days before the Hospitality Suite, I called Chuck and told him that I was on my way to Gordon's Food Service to pick up some cheese and meat trays. I just wanted to find out whatever else we might have needed. I was prepared to load up on stuff. Then in the background of the phone call with Chuck I could hear his wife Connie say, "I already have that, I already have that, I already have that!"

    As it turned out, the only thing that was still needed was meat for sandwiches! I had written down that I would bring potato salad and chips. My wife Deb loaded up on deli cold cuts, chips and snacks and when it was time we showed up one hour early! We waited in our vehicle until we started seeing other club members arrive. When we finally got everything carried in to the hotel the only thing that we didn't have was Chuck and Connie!

    It all worked out great! When the Parker's Catering Service van showed up we had plenty of help-on-hand to carry everything up to the banquet room. Connie thought of everything! You could tell she had been down this path before! The whole event turned out great! All my worry was not necessary. The club owes a great deal of thanks to Connie and my wife Deb for their hard work. But that is not all, many of you pitched in to make it a success! I know that Dee was busy with setting things up and Kevin and Eddie stayed around to pick things up after everyone had left. I'm sorry I know I am forgetting to mention someone, but thanks to each of you for your hard work! Oh, by the way, if you have never tried Kevin Seigfried's homemade horseradish on a fresh roast beef and cheese sandwich . . . you still have something to live for! It will cure what ails you!

This is just one area, and it does not show all the goodies at the hospitality suite. Thanks to all who brought in goodies! I see the homemade cookies, seafood salad, homemade salsa, pasta salad . . .lots of good eats!

    As for the Bottle Show itself, I think it was a GREAT time! Chuck didn't have any numbers to give me for the newsletter so I can only guess at the results based on what I saw. The first three hours of the show seemed really busy with a good crowd moving through. It really was a very enjoyable atmosphere and the selection of great bottles and other collectibles was awesome! By 2- o'clock, it slowed up a little more than I recall in the past.

    All of the dealers who I spoke with, seemed really happy with their sales totals. It was just so neat to be there! I had a good friend, Mike Walker help me with my display. Mike is the President of our treasure hunting club and just a great guy to be around! As many of you know, I started setting up at the Kalamazoo Antique Bottle Show at the suggestion and encouragement of my buddies and club founders, Jack Short and Ernie Lawson. Jack and Ernie looked forward to helping me each year.

    Jack, as most of you know, has passed on to be with the Lord and I sure miss him. But one of the bright spots of the whole show was the time Mike and I got to visit with Ernie! What an uplifting spirit he has!

I'm very sorry about not having display room pictures, I am not a good one at remembering to take pictures. If you have bottle show pictures e-mail them or bring copies to the meeting that I can scan.

    Another thing that I personally enjoy each year is setting up by Kevin and Eddie! Those guys really have an eye for good stuff and they have a popular display!

    Speaking of displays, our very own Scott Hendrickson found himself in the winner's circle again with the Peoples Choice Award! Dennis Smith had an awesome display which won the Most Educational Award, and Jeff Sharnoski was also awarded! Dennis had a display of green milk bottles that was like I have never seen! Congratulations to each of you, and thanks for contributing to the success of the show!

    OK here is something that I find amazing! The winner of the drawing for the metal detector raffle was Kevin Seigfried! The winner of the second place prize was Alex Bata from Niles! I believe that he is the son or grandson of Paul Bata, our fellow club member! And another surprise, Eddie Nickerson was our $25.00 winner!

    OK here is another item from this year's show that will blow-you-over! Each year we encourage everyone to buy those raffle tickets. I don't have raffle ticket sales results to share with you but I can tell you that they drew Kevin Seigfried's name for the grand prize, as I already said. They reached in again to draw for the second place prize, and they drew Kevin's name again! I wonder who sold him the tickets? So far we know that he purchased at least two of them! Kevin and Eddie have their table next to mine, back by the stage, where the big drawing was held. Kevin graciously passed on the second place prize and insisted they draw again. That is when they drew Alex Bata's ticket! Then, almost like keeping it in the family, Eddie won the third place drawing.

    Another amazing thing . . . I was on the sales floor for the entire 32nd annual Kalamazoo Antique Bottle Show and I did not hear even one bottle break! Perhaps the most amazing story that unfolds at each show is related to the show offer of a free bottle appraisal. I think the most amazing to me was the year a lady showed up with a Best Bitters in America bottle that she picked up at a yard sale! This year was just as amazing! This time the bottle was a open-pontiled historic flask from 1840. The flask is the Washington - Taylor variety that says, under Washington's bust, "The Father of our Country." On the Taylor side it says, "Taylor Never Surrenders." The feature that put this flask over-the-top was the pinkish "Puce" color. This bottle was estimated to be worth between $10,000 and $20,000! I wish I had seen it! I wonder if anyone took some pictures?

This is a random photo of a Washington - Taylor Flask that I found online. I'm glad we have experts to check these bottles out, and that it is not up to me! Just looking around for a picture I have learned this was a highly reproduced flask with at copies coming in from at least two countries!

    I think this bottle may have been part of somebody's collection. I understand it will be consigned to the American Glass Gallery Auction. John Pastor was told that if this bottle does well at auction, the owner has some bitters bottles where it came from! I can't wait to cast my bid! American Glass Gallery has their next auction coming up on June 15th and there are some beautiful bottles featured! The American Glass Gallery web site is: www.americanglassgallery.com John's email address is: jpastor@americanglassgallery.com

I know it is not a bottle but it is something that I picked up from Eddie Nickerson at the show. It is a punch board gambling device from the 1940's or 50's that you would have found in a store or bar until they were outlawed. I just liked the looks of it. I do not endorse gambling and remain a Baptist in good standing . . . I think!

This Month

    To explain, I need to go back to our last month's meeting. Chuck walked up to me at the bottle show and asked me, "Are we having a meeting this month?"

    I just assumed that we were. I hustled to get a newsletter out early, hoping to get it into members' hands before the April meeting. Scott had suggested that people share their bottle show purchases and stories. I guess Chuck felt that the show was enough excitement for one month! That sure would have taken a load off my shoulders. Scott happened to call Chuck just before meeting time and woke him up!

    At the meeting we met a young man from the Richland area named Chad Johnson. Chad recently purchased one of the oldest farm houses in the Richland area and he has been finding old bottles at every turn. When he was introducing himself, he told us that he is also a padlock collector. That seemed to spark a lot of interest! I have to admit I have a padlock story or two myself.

So this month, being a Spring meeting, our meeting theme is Spring and Mineral Water Bottles and Antique Padlocks! That should be fun! Please note: We will have a very brief meeting this month at the library, then we will adjourn to:

Bimbo's Pizza at 338 E. Michigan, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Our excuse for this reckless, but tasty, spending is to thank all those who helped put together another great bottle show. You must be a current paid-up member
 (and spouse) please!

Their phone number is: 269-349-3134.
 I was surprised to learn how many club members already have that number in their cell phone memory!
My Cell Phone Number is 269-806-2355

The Kalamazoo Antique Bottle Club meets at the main downtown Kalamazoo Library, located at 315 South Rose Street. We meet on the third floor in the Van Deusen Room and sometimes in the conference room right next door.
This meeting is MAY 10th. Meeting starts at 7:00 pm.
For questions e-mail prostock@net-link.net

Or call 269-685-1776