VOL. 21 NO. 8                                                                                            APRIL 2024                              KALAMAZOO ANTIQUE BOTTLE CLUB NEWS


It’s Show time!
      By the time you get this newsletter, well, who knows what will have happened?
    If it shows up on Friday, set  your alarm for 6:00, or earlier, so you can get down to the fairgrounds in time for the big show.
    On the other hand, if it is Saturday. . .  it is already Show Time! Get down there we need you!

      The show opens for club setup at 7:15 (for the club set-up crew.) For the dealers the doors open at 8:00.
       For the general public, the Kalamazoo Antique Bottle Show is from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm on Saturday, April 6th.
Yes it is at the Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds & Expo Center, 2900 Lake Street, Kalamazoo MI 49048. 

        Dealers, Name Tags must be worn! Must be worn in a visible location in order to gain entry at 8:00 am.         
        Please note: you must furnish your own table covers.

Table covers are no longer provided by the fairgrounds. You must have a table cover!

    So, if this newsletter reached you right after all of the  Hullabaloo, then don’t feel too bad, we still have an April club meeting planned for Tuesday April 9th!

    As your newsletter writer, it is hard for me when the month starts on a Monday or Tuesday, because that means the second Tuesday, our meeting day is fast approaching!
    So, let’s see;  on Monday the 1st , I have taxes done, then on Saturday the 6th is the bottle show!   In the mean time I write a newsletter? Is this a dream?  I’m going to be busier than a privy digger who broke into a nest of ground bees!    
    Did I mention I still work my business? This has been a busy couple months for me. The spring thaw was early this year, to say the least. I saw a sign on the local car wash that said, “Nice Spring We Are Having This Winter!”
    Treasure hunters, were out  way before the Robins this spring! The popularity of treasure hunting videos on You- Tube has driven metal detector sales through the roof! I am thankful . . .  but my age is slowing me down.
    Anyone interested in buying a well established business with mountains of potential come see me!

    All this flurry makes me get out of my easy chair and start slinging hash. I come from a long line of hash slingers!

 Vince’s Notes!
Well, thanks to Vincent, I have some newsletter material I can easily share in the copy-and-paste fashion.

1:          For the Bottle Show: Vincent will be bringing a copy of the Club Membership List for the main table at the show.
             (Current members and workers get in free, be sure to get a name tag at the front table.)
 2:        Vincent asks me; “Is the Bottle Club's Non-Profit Status up and current ?”

               (This question was for me but I will take this opportunity to update everyone.)

               The last year the K.A.B.C. $25.00 non-profit fee was paid, it was paid by our last treasurer, Chuck Parker in 2018 . . . and was due again in 2019.
    I attempted to pay the fee shortly after Chuck’s passing, but there was something they needed . . . and it was something that I didn’t have. Then, sadly I dropped the ball.

    I contacted them again last month.  I was told I can continue on, by simply paying the arrearage of $250.00, or, start over for $25.00, (which was recommended.)

    I suggested that we would start over. The lady told me that she would e-mail me the needed form and a web-link where this could be taken care of.  She never did.

          By the way, I was told It is not necessary that a club be registered with the State as a Non-Profit unless we are receiving donations.
    I hope to check in with the State again before the meeting . . .  if time allows.
 (You don’t just call them, you call and wait, and get disconnected . .  . . .about 8 times.)
3.         At the APRIL & MAY MEETING :
     Our Club will be holding nominations for all Club Officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
      All positions are a two year term. Elections to be held at the May 14, 2024 meeting.
4.    2024 Proposed Calendar of Events.
             The National Insulator Association's 55th Annual Convention and Show: Saturday:June 29 and Sunday: June 30,2024; Sat 9 AM-4 PM, Sun 9 AM-2 PM. The Northern Indiana Event Center/ Orthwein Pavilion, 21565 Executive Pkwy, Elkhart IN. (574)-293-1191
              The Indiana Marble Show: August 7-10, 2024. The Wyndham Gardens, 5750 Challenger Parkway, Fort Wayne IN.   Mike Adams: (317)-361-2274
         West Michigan Bottle Club & Kalamazoo Bottle Club's 2nd Annual Group Picnic: Sunday: August 18, 2024. Brookside Park, Otsego MI 49078. Starting at 11 AM. Details to be announced.
         The Kalamazoo Antique Bottle Club's First Annual Club Dig Dates: Weekends of September 14 or 15, 2024 and October 12 or 13. 2024. Details to be announced.
        The Badger Marble Show: September 19-21, 2024. The Comfort Inn (608)-846-9100, 5025 County Hwy V, Deforrest, WI    Bill Bass (608)-723-6138
5.      The Bottle Club's First Bottle Show Committee has members Ashley Carlson, and Kevin Siegfried. We are looking for one more person to join the committee.
6.       The Bottle Club is looking to form a Picnic Committee. This committee will work on the Second Annual West Michigan and Kalamazoo Bottle Clubs' group picnic, scheduled for Sunday: August 18, 2024. Need two to three members ? 
   Details to be announced.

    My sign up sheet lists a group of the very  B.P.O.E.
    As a little boy I was riding into Allegan with my German grandpa. We drove past the Elk’s Lodge and I asked, “Grandpa, what does B.P.O.E. mean?”
In his German accent he replied starting with his version of “Allan,”
“Owlund, dis itz de, Best Peoples On de Earth.”

      He never told me otherwise and for decades I believed him!
         The sign in sheet tells it all!
Ed Nickerson, Brian Wages, Katie Wages, Gary Dean, Kevin Siegfried, Len Sheaffer, Ashley Carlson, Ron Smith, Scott Hendrichsen, Rob Knolle, Vincent Grossi and Allan Holden.

          As usual, we had a nice display of awesome bottles at our last meeting!
    Brian Wages displayed a tall clear wine bottle, and my research suggests it dates to around 1935 or later  (based on the embossing “Federal Law Prohibits”) It is from Garrett & Co. American Wines.
    Garrett & Company, was established in North Carolina in 1835. The company was a manufacturer of American wines using the, “indigenous Scuppernong grape.”
    Virginia Dare was their most popular wine, named for the first child born in America to English settlers. Dare was born on Roanoke Island, which is also home to the Mother Vine, a Scuppernong vine known to be the oldest cultivated grapevine in the world. Pocahontas and Minnehaha were names of two other Garrett & Company wines.
    The company moved to Norfolk, Virginia, in 1903, after the growing temperance movement in the South made North Carolina an unfriendly environment for a wine business. By 1912, the spread of “dry counties” northward compelled the business to relocate for a final time to New York State.
    Eventually, nationwide Prohibition forced the company to abandon its wine manufacturing altogether. In the Dry years, the company diversified into Virginia Dare flavoring extracts and the sale of grapes for use in home wine making.
Pretty darn neat history!

   Scott Hendrichsen always has some great treasures to display! Now that he is retired no privy is safe!

 Folks, I had a problem  with my bottle photos!

    I was in need of a repair part for a metal detector. It wasn’t an electronic component, but a nameless hardware item. The young lady who was suppose to help me in the parts department, could barely speak English . . . and I was getting nowhere with my verbal description . . . so I sent a photo.
     Are there no English speaking workers anymore? So, my best option was to e-mail a low resolution photo.
    You very likely know where this is going. I forgot to return my camera  to the higher resolution for my bottle photos!
     Yes, I got pictures, but not real good ones!       
    Scott displayed a small ointment bottle with the embossed  form of a cross. How perfect for the Easter Season!

    Scott also has dug some Otsego, MI druggist bottles. One bottle was a, Conrad Brother’s Druggist, Otsego, MI. 
           Dorothy Dalrymple was a lady I knew from Otsego who was considered the local historian, She compiled local history in several volumes. I had hoped to find out more about Conrad Bros. Druggist from her work.
    Over her lifetime, Dorothy put together a collection of 12 volumes of scrapbooks containing information about the history of Otsego, Michigan.
    The collection contains 1,719 pages, and a subject index of over 34,000 entries. Subjects range from the Airport, Civil War to World War II. Many believe that Dorothy’s collection of scrapbooks is the only consolidated history of the City of Otsego.
    I did find in her index time line, the Conrad Bros Drug Store as early as 1886 and as late as 1904.
    Scott also has two variations of ‘Barnes Druggist  Otsego MI.’ druggist bottles.
    Dorothy Daltymple lists the Barnes Drug Store 1891 to 1897 (from telephone & telegraph records) then another mention was found in 1953, which was likely in an obituary mention.
    While I was searching the Daltymple files, I figured I would see what was listed by my family name, I found a
 “Holden, Allan, Curtis” from 1970 files (Graduation)

It was fun looking at the different sources  where Dorothy found her information.
    My great, great grandfather Martin Harter and his wife Hester where from Civil War records. For Martin’s son, Charles Harter, (My great grandfather) Dorothy’s source  record is listed under “Transportation.” In 1933 he was one of the first in Otsego to hold a chauffeur’s license.  My grandmother used to tell me about her grandpa’s huge shiny Packard!  He used to take folks all the way to Kalamazoo-and-back in the same day! Zoom-Zoom! 

         Katie Wages brought in some simply beautiful bottles! If you love glass bottles in the form of true art, you have to love perfume bottles! I sure do!

  The Federation of Historic Bottle Collectors has been a disappointment when it comes to early perfume bottles. 

    I have a couple tiny, open pontil scroll flask style perfume bottles that I treasure.

 Katie showed us some stunning beauties!

    Many of hers were  the perfume atomizer bottles from the DeVelbiss Company.
    I sure hope you can access the digital news letter and see Katie’s awesome perfume bottles!

    Dr. Allan DeVilbiss, was a medical doctor specializing in nose and throat medicine who started the DeVilbiss Manufacturing Company in Toledo, Ohio,1888.
The company’s primary purpose was to manufacture and sell DeVilbiss-invented spray atomizers, designed to apply soothing medicinal coatings to patients’ throats.

His son Tom, joined the company in 1905, and by 1907 had convinced his father to go into the perfume atomizer business, capitalizing on the company’s spray technology and its established retail network of drug stores.

DeVilbiss was buying beautiful art glass bottles from the finest sources in the world.

 After World War I, with soldiers returning from France with perfume for their sweethearts, the popularity of perfume atomizers skyrocketed.    
 Sadly, Tom, Allan’s son, passed away at the young age of 50, but he really took his father’s invention to the moon! From perfume atomizers to the finest automotive spray guns in the world . . . they never stopped insisting on the highest quality.

    I purchased my DeVilbiss spray gun when I was in Auto Body class in college in 1970. I have painted countless numbers of cars, trucks, motor homes, vans, choppers, helmets and gas tanks! All  with my current gun, and I still use, and treasure it! I just finished painting my own motor home with it last summer!
    The new automotive finish sprayers are “climate friendly” high-pressure low-volume H.V.L.P. and I would not trade my old school high emission green house gas model for 100 of the new climate friendly junk!

     The Birth of Virginia Dare August 18th, 1587

                                               THEME THIS MONTH, SHOW TREASURES! 
                                         There will be a $5.00 Table!   

                                    The Kalamazoo Antique Bottle Club
                                                           Meets At the
                                        Otsego Historic Society Museum 
                                          Meeting date is APRIL 9th at 7:00 pm
                         The Museum is located at 218 N. Farmer St. Otsego, MI
                                                      Meeting starts at 7:00

                                                                                 Phone 269-685-1776
                                                                                     Web Address